Sunday, December 4, 2016

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Annoyed that your WordPress pages are taking too long to load? You may be wondering why the WordPress pages of your competitors are loading...

With the Premier League season fast approaching who can boast the best website? This article lists the top 10 Premier League sites and tells...

Wordpress STUFF!

More about Categories in WordPress by Jacqueline O. Moleski WordPress has a very useful feature in that you can use to create sub-categories within your categories....



One day I signed into my Google Analytics account and got really excited to see that my visitors and sessions had increased by double...
Website SEO and Wordpress

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a set of techniques that need to be performed properly to ensure that your website or...

Cool Video & Audio TUTORIALS!

audio video

Welcome to my popular tutorial where i will be showing you how to remove audio from your video using a software called Windows live...

Camstudio is a free screen capture and video recorder. It’s a great free tool to use to make YouTube videos. In this tutorial you will: Learn...

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More about Categories in WordPress by Jacqueline O. Moleski WordPress has a very useful feature in that you can use to create sub-categories within your categories....

How to Use Categories and Tags in WordPress by Jacqueline O. Moleski Organization is Key Organization is key to a successful professional blog or business website. And...

How to Customize Links in a WordPress Post by Jacqueline O. Moleski Have you ever wanted to add links to your blog posts? The easiest way...

How to Add Symbols to a WordPress Blog Post By Jacqueline O. Moleski Introduction Have you ever needed to use a word or type a name with...

In this tutorial i will teach you every possible way of securing your WordPress website. By following my steps hackers will never be able to gain...

In this tutorial i will show you how to notify your users that you are using Cookies in your website. You may think that doing...

In this tutorial I will go through the process of adding new users to your WordPress site. I will teach you about the different...

Car insurance is one of the most important aspects to consider when you decide to purchase your first car or your dream car. There are...

Nixstudio WordPress Web Design

We are very experienced at designing websites using the WordPress platform. Our extensive knowledge of WordPress makes us the NUMBER ONE designers of WordPress websites in London.

We have designed numerous websites using WordPress for all types of clients including small, medium and large Businesses.

We have decided to turn Nixstudio from a website that solely sells its web design services to a website that also teaches you how to build your own websites free of charge.

We are working on creating WordPress tutorials that teach you how to build websites using WordPress from scratch.

For every Web Design project we are creating tutorials demonstrating how we have built these websites so you can follow our steps and build your own website.

If you do not wish to build your site please visit our web design services page and hire us as your designated web designers.

Nixstudio Web Design tutorials

Nixstudio was created for anyone who would like to learn web design via WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart or any of the other CMS.

We also decided to expand the site to include useful tutorials including SEO, Social Media and Video editing.

We continue to grow and with your support we can be an all in one website that enables you to learn WordPress inside out, Video editing to boost your YouTube channel, and SEO to increase the chances of your site making it to page 1 on Google.

We love to design websites using WordPress and  share our web design knowledge free of charge.

Web Design is our Passion | WordPress is our speciality